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Practicum, Work Experience or Volunteer Activities

Many students ask if practicum or off-campus course work, or work experience activities are covered by ECU insurance policies.

Insurance cover applies to students if:

"a student officially engaged in unpaid work experience duties or on practicum experience approved or arranged by ECU".

Students who arrange their own work experience activities or practicum need authorisation from their Head of School, based on a recommendation from their program or unit coordinator. Students that arrange work experience activities without authorisation from their Head of School may not have personal accident or liability insurance cover.

Work experience or work-integrated learning (WIL) activities are supported by ECU's WIL principles.  Resources can be found on the work-integrated learning webpage.

If you have any queries about whether your activities are covered by ECU insurances, please contact


ECU provides insurance cover to any persons who are asked to undertake volunteering activities on behalf of ECU. This could be staff members, students or the general public. Volunteering also includes anyone who volunteers their time to ECU – for example, to assist with a field trip or an ECU Open Day.

If you are arranging volunteering activities or will be participating in volunteer activities, contact to find out if you have cover.

Sporting Activities

ECU's Personal Accident Insurance also provides cover for students participating in sporting activities arranged or authorised by ECU. These activities include:

"students of ECU are covered whilst engaged in sporting related activities as part of course requirements, excursions, field trips, University-representative sports activities, off campus activities, camps or any other similar activity which is organised or under the control of ECU, including direct travel between the University campus and such activity. This includes WAAPA students participating in off campus dance, performing arts, theatre workshops, showcases, unpaid performances and physical/human movement activities as part of course requirements. WAAPA on campus activities covered include showcases, performances and dress rehearsals."

No cover extends to students undertaking physical activity described above, if it is undertaken against the advice of a medical practitioner.

When an Incident Occurs

In the event of an incident, accident or near miss:

Practicum or Work Experience

Report any incident, accident or near miss, to:

  • Site or Host Supervisor
  • ECU Supervisor
  • Make an online report (“see also” for online incident report form)


  • Report to ECU Supervisor or Coordinator and make an online report

Sporting Activities (including ECU Representative sports)

  • Report to ECU Supervisor or Student Life team
  • Make an online report

If you are unsure if the ECU personal accident insurance cover will apply to you and your activities, please contact

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