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All new fixed-term and ongoing appointments at ECU are subject to a probationary period which provides an opportunity for both the line manager to assess their new employee’s ability to meet the work requirements, and for the new employee to decide if the role aligns with what they want in both the short and long-term.

Probation involves setting appropriate objectives and identifying required professional development and other support. Followed by regular dialogue between the employee and their line manager to discuss progress towards work outcomes, as well as identifying any further actions required to achieve a satisfactory probation outcome before the end of the probationary period.

The provisions regarding probation for professional and academic staff are set out in the Enterprise Agreement and relevant policy.

Setting your objectives for probation

It is important during your discussion with your line manager that work objectives are discussed and established, and that they are aligned with your area’s operational plans and the University's goals. Achievement of these work objectives will form the basis of the review towards the end of your probationary period. The agreed objectives will need to be entered in the ‘Review & Development Plan’ section within Staff Kiosk.

Reviewing your performance

During the period of probation, you should arrange regular formal meetings with your line manager to confirm that your performance is satisfactory. If there are any concerns, you should discuss options to remedy the situation, e.g. clarification of exactly what is required and in what way(s) you are not meeting this requirement, professional development, allocation of a buddy or mentor, etc.

Towards the end of your probationary period you should arrange a final probation review meeting with your line manager to determine whether or not your appointment will be confirmed. If you are not performing at the required level during probation, your employment at the University may be terminated.

Following confirmation of employment, you will continue working towards achieving the set objectives prior to the annual review and have regular conversations with your manager regarding your progress.

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