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Internationalising the student experience celebrates cultural diversity, is culturally inclusive, and promotes cultural integration. It also includes learner-centred teaching which engages students in Knowing, Doing, and Being. Internationalisation can therefore be used as one particular way of bringing the different features of the ECU Curriculum Framework together.

On these pages you will find support material to assist you with embedding Internationalisation in the curriculum.


These factsheets will give you a quick overview of information related to internationalisation.

Teaching Support

These documents have been designed to give you specific and practical support in embedding internationalisation in your unit our course.

Supporting international teaching

Below are a series of short videos and summaries that provide additional insight into the Chinese and Indian cultures.


These documents outline ECU's official position on internationalisation of the Curriculum.

Links to other sites

The following sites may be useful in providing good ideas for teaching or to provide some more information about internationalisation and how other universities are approaching this priority.

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