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Organisation structure and positions

The University's reporting structure covers all senior positions across the organisation, including chancellery, schools and service centres.

You can view the current organisation chart by downloading a printable version or via the OrgCharts application.

Position standards and role framework

The University has standard role and classification descriptors for academic and professional/general staff roles that are based on certified agreement and classification standards. Every position needs to be classified according to these frameworks.

There are an approved set of standard position titles to cover the major job families employed by the University.

This includes both a generic standard title for every position, e.g. School Officer, and a more descriptive business title to cover local description, e.g. name of school.

Position descriptions specify the details, scope, purpose, accountabilities and required competencies for each position at the University. For a copy of a specific Position Description, please contact your HR Adviser.

There is a formal process for changing the classification of an existing position to ensure transparency and fairness. It is recommended you review each circumstance with your HR Business Partner.

Updating or reviewing positions

The following downloads will assist you to update or review a position description or to understand more about the expectations of an existing or future role.

Organisation Structure Guidelines

Professional Positions

Classification or Reclassification

Academic Positions

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