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Staff induction

Welcome to Edith Cowan University. We are pleased to have you onboard working with us and we hope that you find your time here enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding. Our staff induction for new employees will help you settle in to life here at ECU and involves two stages. This online induction will introduce you to our organisation, and a local induction guided by your manager or supervisor to welcome you in to your new working area.

Our online staff induction has everything you need to know to get started and will soon have you familiar with our service centres, schools and faculties; aware of our many facilities and services; orientated around the campus grounds; and networking with other new employees. You'll also understand our key priorities for the University and how your role fits into our goals for the future.

Alongside the Online Staff Induction, the probation process enables ongoing, proactive review and assessment of performance in your new role. For more information, see our Probation web page.

New starter

Our online staff induction is tailored to your employment contract, to make sure you get the most relevant information suited to you. To start your induction, follow your contract-type:

Academic staff

General staff

Managers and Supervisors

As manager or supervisor to a new starter, you will need to support their staff induction by completing the induction requirements and checklist, relevant to your new employee's contract-type:

Academic staff

General staff

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