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Using the ECU logo

There are rules about the use of our logo to ensure the consistency and strength of the ECU brand.

  • Approval must be sought from the Brand, Marketing and Creative Services Manager for all uses of the logo. This includes promotional items (giveaways), uniforms, publications, websites, etc.
  • It must not be distorted, manipulated or re-created in any way.
  • When re-sizing, the proportions must be constrained.
  • It can’t be smaller than 25mm width/18mm high and not exceed 30% of the space where it’s applied.
  • It must appear on the front of all documents.
  • It should generally always be placed in the top right hand corner of documents.
  • A second option is to place it in the bottom right hand corner.
  • The traditional ECU crest logo is NOT to be used as the primary logo. It can only be used as a formal ‘stamp’ and on legal documents or University parchments.

Specialist applications

Specialist applications that require the logo to be smaller or larger than stated must be approved by Brand, Marketing and Creative Services. Please speak to your Marketing Account Manager about this.

Logo colours

When printed in process colour, the promotional logo features the following CMYK mixes:

Blue CMYK C:100 M:56 Y:0 K:34
Red CMYK C:0 M:91 Y:73 K:23.5
Yellow CMYK C:0 M:23.5 Y:76 K:0

When printed in spot colour, the promotional logo features the following Pantone colours:

Blue: Pantone Spot Colour 295
Red: Pantone Spot Colour 187
Yellow: Pantone Spot Colour 142

Copies of the logo

For copies of the ECU logo, please email

Please specify in your email what the logo will be used for. A condition of use of the logo is that the Brand, Marketing and Creative Services Manager approves all artwork prior to publication.

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