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Photography advice

If you need photography to enhance communications or to cover an event, browse the scenarios below to decide which option is best for you.

I need a photo for a presentation

If you only need filler photographs for a PowerPoint presentation, please refer to the ECU Media Gallery web page for an appropriate shot.

I need a photo for a flyer

ECU has corporate style guidelines for the preparation of flyers and brochures, including downloadable Word templates.

Once you have the template, check the ECU Media Gallery web page for photo options. If there’s nothing suitable and you need a new photo, you'll need to commission a professional photographer.

ECU has no preferred photography supplier, but we do use one photographer on a regular basis:

Joondalup Photo Design
Chris Kershaw
Telephone: (61 8) 9300 9313
Mobile: 0415 506 548

I need a photo for our website

Check the ECU Media Gallery web page. If you require a high resolution photograph or it needs to be taken off-campus, you will need to organise a professional photographer (as above).

I need a photo for an ad

Advertising photography needs to be professionally shot and in a particular style. All advertising is coordinated through Brand, Marketing and Creative Services. Please contact your Marketing Account Manager to discuss.

I want a photographer for an event

Depending on what the photos are to be used for, you may wish to consider hiring a professional photographer to cover your event (details above). Alternatively, if you wish to cover the event yourself and don’t have access to a suitable camera, our Corporate Relations team may be able to lend you one.

Permission to use

All persons having their photos taken will need to sign a Photographic Release Form giving ECU permission to use their photos in printed publications or online.

The Office of Legal Services provide talent release forms for different situations; the forms can be downloaded from the Legal Forms and Notices webpage.

Guidelines for images

Brand and Marketing has developed a set of image guidelines that relates to the capture, storage, supply and publishing of still images within ECU for activities outside of those categorised as 'educational purposes', i.e. informational, promotional or other commercial activities.

Image guidelines

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