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Corporate Style Guide

ECU has developed a distinctive brand that includes a recognisable logo and the use of specific colours, fonts and layouts for our online and offline publications.

For consistency and professionalism it’s important that everything we produce reflects the ECU brand and style.

All promotional material must undergo a standard quality style check to ensure it meets our corporate style guidelines before being printed or published.

In all instances, you should work with your Marketing Account Manager in producing material.

Corporate colours

There are two colour palettes that make up the ECU look. The first palette contains four pre-determined corporate colours which form the ECU logo.
An additional colouring system has been developed to assist in identification of individual schools.

Corporate fonts

All ECU marketing, promotional and advertising materials should be designed and produced using the typeface Gilroy*.

When using Gilroy for body copy, please use regular 8-10pt. For subheadings, the preference is to use bold 10-12pt. For large headings, Integral Bold is to be used and must be 'kerned' at 75 to separate the letters and increase legibility.

It’s also preferable to use black copy on light backgrounds where possible. Where white type is used, it must be large/bold enough with a good contrast to the background.

Alternative Fonts

If Gilroy is not available, the acceptable alternative typeface is Arial*.

As a general guideline, Arial Regular is used for body copy and subheadings and Arial Bold is used for headings and headlines.

Examples of our fonts can be found in the Corporate Style Guide.

*Please note that fonts are licensed and you may have to purchase a copy of the license. Speak to your Marketing Account Manager about this.

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