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Consultative committees

The consultative committees process ensures the University receives advice and information from industry, employers and the community on its courses, teaching, research, and professional and community engagement.

Consultative committees are part of the group of Excellence Framework processes:

  • the policy statement governing consultative committee activities can be found in the ECU Excellence Framework policy; and
  • consultative committee activities are undertaken according to the guidelines.

Consultative committee/advisory board administration

It is important the University has up-to-date information on our consultative committee's and advisory boards. To help us maintain this information please ensure that you follow the processes outlined when:

  • submitting information for a new consultative committee/advisory board;
  • updating information for an existing consultative committee/advisory board

From 1 January 2016, Consultative Committees will be maintained in a database within ECUonQ.


For further information, please contact Quality and Academic Governance.

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