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Benchmarking provides a mechanism for schools and centres to compare performance across a range of activities against suitable partners as part of continuous quality improvement and an ongoing review of their practices.

Benchmarking is part of the group of Excellence Framework processes:

  • the policy statement governing benchmarking activities can be found in the ECU Excellence Framework policy; and
  • benchmarking activities are undertaken according to the guidelines.

Benchmarking guidelines for schools and centres

The Benchmarking Guidelines are currently in a process of development

The guidelines:

  • provide benchmarking advice and assistance;
  • guide faculties and centres in determining what activities should be benchmarked and prioritising benchmarking initiatives; and
  • provide an overview of benchmarking initiatives and comparator institutions.

For more information, download the benchmarking documentation.

BenchMARC (Benchmarking Mechanism for Activity and Results Collection)

The Benchmarking Mechanism for Activity and Results Collection (BenchMARC) is a web-based application that has been developed to:

  • guide staff through the process of benchmarking; and
  • act as a register of information about benchmarking initiatives carried out at ECU.


For further information, please contact Academic Governance and Standards.

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