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Web authoring training

Our Web Content Management Policy states that access to ECU’s Web Content Management System (WebCMS) will only be granted to users who have successfully completed the mandatory WebCMS training offered by the Digital Marketing, Experience and Analytics Team. The training schedule for 'TL0015 - Web Content Authoring in the ECU WebCMS' is available in the staff course calendar.

How to register

If you’re interested in attending this training please seek approval from your web page owner (which can be viewed below) to ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • the business area currently manages their web content within the ECU WebCMS; and
  • you are joining the business area’s 'Content Authors' or 'Content Approvers' group.


Business owner: Julia Turner
Primary contact: Julia Turner
Primary author: Krishanka Gunasekera

Business owner: Phil Holley
Primary contact: Beth Menna
Primary author: Beth Menna

Business owner: Angela Hill
Primary contact: Kena Cabral Morales
Primary author: Kena Cabral Morales

Business owner: Vito Forte
Primary contact: Lorna Viljoen
Primary author: Lorna Viljoen

Business owner: Brad Francis
Primary contact: Julie Hogarth
Primary author: Rebecca Hindley

Business owner: Joe Luca
Primary contact: Sarah Gray
Primary author: Sarah Gray

Business owner: Jenny Robertson
Primary contact: Nicole Stewart
Primary author: Nicole Stewart

Business owner: Vito Forte
Primary contact: Hollie Turner
Primary author:  Hollie Turner

Business owner: Helen Vella Bonavita
Primary contact: Becky Jarman
Primary author: Becky Jarman

Business owner: Constance Wiebrands
Primary contact: 
Kat Valvasori / Pia Henry
Primary author:
Kat Valvasori / Pia Henry

Business owner: Amy Hold
Primary contact: Amy Hold
Primary author: Jessica Matta

Business owner: Margaret Jones
Primary contact: Corin Garnett-Law
Primary author: Corin Garnett-Law

Business owner: Peter Corbett
Primary contact: Roxann Tjea
Primary author: Janelle Lynch (all except Research), Raksha Mallya (Research)

Business owner: Joanne Quinn
Primary contact: Leonie Nel
Primary author: Janet Bartolomei / Leonie Nel / Aisling Vennitti

Business owner: Peter Corbett
Primary contact: Annette Thompson

Business owner: Michelle Rogers
Primary contact: Graeme Watson

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