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Previewing content changes

The WebCMS Content Preview System enables staff members who aren’t members of any WebCMS 'authors' or 'approvers' groups to access 'Under construction' or 'Safe edit' assets within the WebCMS, for any website being hosted by the production WebCMS.  This includes:


The most common use of the preview system is when a web author/approver has made a change to an asset at the request of a third party content owner, say a Standard Page or News Item, and they want to be able to show the third party the newly changed content before publishing live.

In this scenario, the web author/approver:

  • copies the WebPath of the asset by accessing the ‘WebPaths’ details screen within the WebCMS backend interface (/_admin);
  • pastes it into the 'URL to  Preview' field on the homepage of the WebCMS Content Preview System; and
  • clicks on the 'Generate preview email link for third party' on the homepage, located under the 'URL to Preview' field.

This will create the link on the webpage below the 'Generate preview email link for third party' that the web author/approver can paste into an email for the third party.

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