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Managing web content

MCSC: Managing web content
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If you're a web author, or you’ve been asked to take on this role, this part of our site will help you manage your web content using ECU's Web Content Management System. It contains guides on how to write your content, how to gain access to the WebCMS and what to do if you need further support.

Web authoring training

If you need access to the WebCMS, you must enrol in our half-day course. The course provides an overview of how to maintain content in the WebCMS and works through some practical activities.

Writing for the web

People don't read web pages, they scan them. You can't write web pages the same way you write reports or discussion papers.

In this section we cover:

  • shortening your words, sentences and paragraphs
  • using meaningful headings, sub-headings and bullet points
  • your tone of voice and conversational styles
  • avoiding acronyms, redundant words and other sins
  • writing web content that's accessible to everyone

How-to guides and other resources

This part of the website contains step-by-step guides, video tutorials and other resources to help you manage your content using the ECU WebCMS.

Resources will help you manage web assets like:

  • standard pages;
  • see also's;
  • related downloads or lists;
  • floated images;
  • image and YouTube galleries; and
  • news items.

We also cover how to:

  • secure your web content;
  • make your content searchable; and
  • access website statistics.

Access to the WebCMS

Access to the Web Content Management System can only be granted to users who have successfully completed the mandatory web authoring training.

Requesting support

Your first point of contact will be your nominated web primary author. Your web owner can contact the Digital Marketing and Analytics Team on your behalf if they need help or advice. The Digital Marketing and Analytics Team can also provide advice about using the WebCMS more effectively.

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