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Idea Assessment and Filter Stage

The purpose of this Idea Assessment and Filter step is to provide the opportunity to rate an idea in terms of its potential impact and value using ECU's PI Assessment framework.

In the event, the idea could be a potential candidate for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), then the RPA fitness Assessment shall be conducted.

PI Assessment

The PI Assessment Framework provides the idea impact and value to be determined from assessing Financial Value (Yield - Growth/Cost Reduction); Quality (Effectiveness - Decrease in Faults, increase in productivity and decisions; Capacity (Effort - Increase in capacity Humans/Technology and Service (Speed - Turnaround, Effectiveness - Service Satisfaction) perspective. The Assessment outcome will range from high to low impact ideas.

RPA Fitness Assessment

The RPA Fitness Assessment will validate why the process has been chosen and automation goals such as (i.e cost reduction, error rate elimination, increased cycle times, scalability, etc.)

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