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Selection Case and Endorsement

The Selection Case & Endorsement stage is designed to capture additional detail for an idea that has passed through filtering and progressed into the selection stage as a candidate for implementation.

The Selection Case requires the PI Team to determine value, complexity, risks and cost for a potential PI initiative.

Steering Committee will be responsible to endorse the Selection Case(s).

Selection Case Form

  • The Selection Case Form will be the key for a PI Initiative to get endorsed.
  • This form will capture benefit measures, KPI measures, complexity measures, risks and also detailed cost benefit information.

Cost Benefit Planning and Tracking

  • This Cost/Benefit Tracking form has two sections:
    • Planned Costs/Benefit - Used for Selection Case
    • Actual Cost/Benefit Used to track PI Initiative
  • This form enables Planned vs Actual tracking for both costs and benefits for a PI Initiative.
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