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Initiative Project Plan and Execution

The purpose of this Initiative Project Plan & Execution step is to setup all Project Plan, Status Reporting, Process Mapping and Project Execution.

The scope of work and deliverables will be determined and reflected in the Project Plan.

Status Reporting for project tracking and cost benefit tracking dashboard will be in Tableau.

Business Process Template

The Business Process Template will collect key process information such as Process Owner, Process Value, Impacted Schools/Service Centres, Decision Makers, Decision Value, Frequency of Decision, number of transactions, etc.

Initiative Work Plan and Status Report

The Project Plan will have the full scope of work, deliverables and timelines reflected. It will also ensure benefits delivery are tracked.

Process Maps & Sign Off

  • The Process Maps will be developed alongside Process owners and Key Process Stakeholders.
  • The Process Maps will need to be signed off as part of the project.
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