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Sponsorship applications

Sponsorships are an important part of ECU’s engagement activities. Applications for corporate sponsorship must be made having regard to the following guidelines.

ECU’s strategic objectives

Requests for sponsorship will be assessed on their capacity to assist ECU in achieving its strategic objectives. Priority is given to sponsorships that reach our key stakeholders and are relevant to ECU’s strategic focus in the area of community engagement.

Proposals must:

  • have tangible benefits to ECU and its community; and
  • support ECU’s Mission, Vision and Values.


ECU operates on a financial year that runs from January to December. For a sponsorship request to be evaluated and included in submissions for funding, the application will need to be submitted before October of the year prior.

Sponsorship opportunities not submitted within budget timing guidelines run the risk of not being considered.

Key sponsorship criteria

There are three primary reasons for ECU to invest in sponsorship. To be considered, sponsorship requests must satisfy at least one of these:

  1. To enhance ECU’s brand and reputation;
  2. To increase awareness of ECU courses and research in key areas:
    • Health and Wellness;
    • Education;
    • Environment and Sustainability;
    • Electronic Engineering and ICT;
    • Social and Community;
    • Business and Society;
    • Communications and Creative Arts; and
    • Security, Law and Justice
  3. To engage in a meaningful way with our key stakeholders:
    • Current students;
    • Prospective students;
    • Industry and employers;
    • Educational sector;
    • Professional bodies;
    • Local communities; and
    • Local, State and Federal Government

Making an application

To make a request for sponsorship please include:

  • Details of the activity or event, including date, time and location;
  • Details of the funding sought and a breakdown of its planned expenditure;
  • Objectives of the sponsorship, i.e. reason/s for the activity or event;
  • Benefits to ECU as a corporate sponsor as well as our students and staff;
  • Defined target audience demographics, including target group locations;
  • A detailed marketing plan showing how our sponsorship will be publicised;
  • Opportunities for placement of additional ECU marketing materials, including signage and brochures;
  • Opportunities to link online marketing activity to ECU’s nominated web location;
  • Opportunities for ECU to provide promotional material to sponsored groups, and, with permission, via email;
  • Details of your evaluation and reporting methods; and
  • Your contact details, including email, business and mobile phone numbers.

All applications for sponsorship should be submitted to:

Marketing Manager
Marketing and Communications Services Centre
Edith Cowan University
270 Joondalup Drive
Joondalup WA 6027

Mandatory assessments

If successful in receiving funds from ECU, sponsored groups agree a report will be submitted within two months of sponsorship detailing how the event or activity performed against our key sponsorship criteria.

This report should be submitted to the above address.

Tax invoices for sponsorship funds should also be forwarded to this address.

Unlikely sponsorships

We are unlikely to provide funds in the following circumstances:

  • Requests by individuals for support or fund-raising;
  • Political or religious activities;
  • Programs that promote tobacco, gambling and alcohol;
  • Projects or events outside Western Australia;
  • Events or activities already significantly sponsored by other universities, research groups or teaching and learning providers; and
  • Donations to groups requesting cash.
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