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Strategic Procurement

The Strategic Procurement Framework covers the end-to-end activities that should be applied to the planning, sourcing and management of the acquisition of goods and services at the University. The Strategic Procurement Framework consists of 5 phases as outlined below.

The Strategy and Planning phase is the first phase of the integrated Strategic Procurement Framework and serves as the foundation of the collaboration between Schools and Service Centres and Strategic Procurement.

During this phase, Strategic Procurement will engage Schools and Service Centres to understand their procurement support requirements. These requirements will be translated into a Procurement Activity Pipeline, which consolidates the requirements and allows Strategic Procurement to align its priorities and resources to better support the University accordingly.

The objective of the Category Planning phase is to identify ways to extract maximum value for money from the supplier market to fulfil the University’s procurement requirements, as identified in the Strategy and Planning phase.

Category Planning  will be based on a structured analysis of the procurement requirements and supplier markets to determine the optimum sourcing strategies for the University. This is documented in a Category Plan.

The Category Plan, an output from this phase, will be refreshed periodically in light of the changing needs of the business or the market.

The objective of Strategic Sourcing phase is to procure goods and services that meet the requirements and offers the best value for money for the University.

Contracts for the procurement of goods/services, or Panel Supplier Agreements must be used where they exist when purchasing goods/services.

Where a contract or Panel Supplier arrangement does not exist, the sourcing activities for the University are governed through the Commitment Matrix below and the Delegations and Authorisation Manual of the University.

Commitment Matrix
Spend Category (include GST) Method for Purchase Responsibility Procurement Plan Requirements
Up to $5k and all travel related costs Credit card Schools/Service Centres No
$5k to $10k Purchase Order - Direct Purchase Schools/Service Centres No
$10k to $250k Purchase Order - Attach 3 quotes to the Purchase Requisition Schools/Service Centres No
$250k Tender process unless an approved exemption is granted through Procurement Plan Strategic Procurement/Schools/Service Centres Yes

The objective of the Purchase to Pay phase is to ensure that the payment of goods and services meets requirements of the University and suppliers in a timely and compliant manner.

The objective of the Contract Management phase is to establish a sound, consistent and effective approach to the management of identified University contracts, ensuring all parties to the contract fulfil their respective obligations, in order to safeguard the University's interests, mitigate risk and deliver value for money.

Exemptions to this Policy must be approved by Strategic Procurement and, subject to value, by the Vice-President (Corporate Services) and Chief Financial Officer.


Tony Wilson
Manager Strategic Procurement and Business Services
Finance & Business Services Centre
Phone: 08 6304 2101

Duane Redden
Manager Strategic Sourcing and Contracts
Finance & Business Services Centre
Phone: 08 6304 2755

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