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ECU Credit Cards


The Finance and Business Services Centre manages Expense8 which is an expense management system that helps corporate credit cardholders reconcile their monthly statements online.

What's the link?

What's my password?

Use your ECU ADS user name and password.

Can I get Expense8 on my mobile device?

  • Yes - please refer to the User Guide titled 'Uploading into the Attachment Pool from Mobile Device' for instructions on how to set up your device. Once set up, you are ready to upload digitised tax invoices into your 'Attachment Pool' or submit/approve expenses on the go!
  • Please note: The Expense8 App available in the App Store on your mobile device is not able to be used.

How do I use Expense8?

  • Visit the 'Help & Training' section when you login to Expense8.
  • We've developed some FAQs which may help with any queries you have.

Issues or Questions?

The first point of contact for all Expense8 related matters is your relevant Business or Finance Management Teams.

Alternatively please contact the Central Finance Team via

Please refer to the following pages for up to-date information regarding:

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