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Internal surveys

The following is not intended to be an exhaustive list but provide some examples of surveys that Survey Services have conducted during the past two years. Survey Services has either built and administered or otherwise played a key role in the following:

Unit and Teaching Evaluation Instrument (UTEI)

The Unit Teaching and Evaluation Instrument (UTEI) is a centrally administered survey which seeks student feedback on their units and teaching.  The data generated is used in improving the design of units and informs teaching practice. ECU's policy is to survey all units and their teaching staff every time the unit is offered. Results are made available to the individual lecturer and tutor, as well as the unit and course coordinators, and school and faculty heads.

Mid-Course Evaluation Questionnaire (Mid-CEQ)

Students who are approximately mid-way (40% to 70%) through their course are asked to provide feedback on their course 'so far'. The questionnaire is an adaption of the Course Experience Questionnaire, nationally administered to graduates as part of the Australian Graduate Survey. At ECU, the mid-CEQ is generally administered during semester 2.

In-Progress Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (iPREQ)

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students are surveyed at the end of each year and asked to provide feedback on their experience with a range of issues such as supervision, infrastructure and intellectual climate. The iPREQ is based on the national graduate PREQ, which means a level of benchmarking is available, albeit between current and completed students.

Student Services and Facilities Feedback Evaluation (SSAFE)

The SSAFE survey is administered once every two years to all ECU students. The focus of the SSAFE survey ranges from broad student experiences and satisfaction, to more detailed aspects such as enrolments, computing facilities, support services/helpdesks and campus environment.

Staff Satisfaction Survey

ECU surveys its staff, both academic and general, once every two years to gauge staff attitudes on a range of issues such as management effectiveness, professional development, facilities, and general satisfaction with their experience working at ECU. This is sometimes administered in conjunction with State Government surveys of staff.

Engagement Curriculum Mapping

Since 2008, ECU has sought to assess the extent to which Engagement is being incorporated into its courses and units. Course Coordinators are asked to provide feedback on the role of consultative committees, Workplace Integrated Learning, industry speakers etc., in their courses. This data collection is facilitated via Survey Services' online survey system in collaboration with the Centre for Learning and Development (CLD). An alternative approach, involving data collection via the Course Management System, is currently being explored.

Commencing Students Survey

Early in the academic year students new to ECU are surveyed about their reasons for choosing to enrol at ECU and their experience of Orientation. This survey is conducted in conjunction with ECU Marketing.

Research Training Survey (for Graduate Research School)

Since 2009, Survey Services hosted several surveys of research training needs on behalf of the Graduate Research School.

Annual Review Feedback Survey

Since 2009, key Centre and Faculty staff involved in the Annual Review have been asked for feedback on various aspects of the review process. This survey was conducted on behalf of ECU's Quality unit.

TRIM Electronic Records Management System (TERMS)

Since 2008, Survey Services have been hosting a survey to assess the effectiveness of the TERMS record keeping system across ECU. This project has been a collaboration with the Records team in the Office of Governance Services.

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