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Designed to provide state of the art teaching laboratories for students studying science, medical and nursing courses, the new $48 million dollar science building is nearing completion and is on track to deliver classes to students early next year.  Students from the School of Medical and Health Science and the School of Science will be the first to have practical classes in the Superlabs on the upper levels of the building in Semester 1 2020.

The Superlabs are designed to be mulit-purpose and high capacity and have been built to specific standards to allow both PC1 and PC2 scientific and medical work to be conducted safely. The Superlabs contain a multitude of AV solutions to assist in the delivery of scientific and medical information to larger groups of students than ever before and allow educators to design innovative and engaging teaching strategies.

Teaching Laboratories

The  purpose-built, modern Superlabs are designed to be used in several different formats including a single cohort of 96 students (whole lab), two 32-40 student groups or one 32 and one 64 student group simultaneously. In order to achieve effective teaching delivery in each of these formats, each Superlab is equipped with extensive AV, including flat screens, pan zoom cameras, microphones and audio zoning, and Surface Go units.  Intergrative lesson plans designed by passionate, dedicated educators combined with the creative use of the AV in the space should lead to exciting student learning experiences in the Superlabs.


Teaching and Learning Practices

Technology Support


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