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Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a clean, modern and intuitive platform that allows you to lead virtual classrooms, online office hours, tutorials and mentoring sessions and much more.

Some of the main highlights Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:

  • Browser-based web conferencing: With quick startup and intuitive workflows, you and your students are free to focus on interaction and engagement, rather than the technology.
  • High-quality audio and video: Engage learners with HD audio, video, and webcam support. You can display up to 5 HD videos at once, with dynamic adjustment for your students Internet connection speed.
  • Quick and easy file and application sharing: Share files with drag-and-drop ease. Share your entire screen or a specific application - for example, your web browser, a Word document, and more.
  • Technology-enhanced learning goes mobile: Record sessions in a mobile-friendly format, perfect for technology enhanced lessons. Captured video, audio, and shared content can be played back as streamed MP4 files.
  • Breakout Groups: Experience a face-to-face collaborative environment while in breakout groups with the ability to share files and whiteboard together.
  • Polling: Interact with students and get real time feedback with polling. Set up a poll where participants can choose either yes or no or use up to 5 multiple choices.
  • Classroom chat: Instant, convenient chat with all participants promotes participation, but can be disabled as needed.

Resources, Support & Training

To register for upcoming Blackboard Collaborate workshops, visit the Staff Development Calendar.

Training Workshops

Foundational workshop: Blackboard Collaborate – Basics of running virtual rooms

This 1-hour workshop is offered in-person and introduces the Blackboard Collaborate platform, which can be used to run live interactive meetings with people online, similar to Skype. Participants will learn how to create a Collaborate session, communicate via audio and text chat, display visuals such as PowerPoints and screen shares, and how to record and share your sessions.

Dates: 15 sessions across Joondalup and Mount Lawley campuses have been scheduled. In addition you can request custom group training by emailing

Access the staff development calendar to view the sessions and Nominate your attendance here:


User Interface Tour

Getting Started Tip Sheets and Guides

  • Cheat Sheet for Students - PDF File, 2.0 MB
    A cheat sheet for students outlining the basics of getting started and using the tools available in Blackboard Collaborate.  Link this file for your students in your own Blackboard unit site.
  • Creating Blackboard Collaborate sessions - PDF File, 2.3 MB
    A tip sheet for instructors outlining the steps needed to set up Blackboard Collaborate session in a teaching unit.

Blackboard Collaborate – Basics of running virtual rooms

Training Workshops

Extension workshop 1: Blackboard Collaborate – Advanced features

This 1-hour workshop runs online via Collaborate and goes into more depth on running sessions, including strategies for managing students, the use of student feedback, instant polling, and captioning.

Offered as online only using Collaborate as the delivery platform.

Dates: Coming soon


How to share your PowerPoint slides

Session settings in Collaborate


Blackboard Collaborate – Advanced features

Training Workshops

Extension workshop 2: Blackboard Collaborate – Group Work using Breakout Rooms

A hands-on, 30 minute workshop covering the breakout groups feature and allows participants to use the tool in a facilitated and supported environment before using it in their learning and teaching.

Offered as online only using Collaborate as the delivery platform.

Dates: Coming soon


Breakout Groups

Blackboard Collaborate – Group Work using Breakout Rooms

Training Workshops

Extension workshop 3: Blackboard Collaborate – Mobile devices

A hands-on, 30-minute workshop runs online and covers how to install and run Collaborate on mobile devices.

Offered as online only using Collaborate as the delivery platform.

Dates: Coming soon


Blackboard Instructor App tour

Blackboard Collaborate – Mobile devices

Blackboard Collaborate or MS Teams?

Unsure whether you need to use Blackboard Collaborate or Microsoft Teams? This document outlines the different scenarios that each tool is best suited for.



Having an issue with your technology? visit the official Collaborate website for help and troubleshooting.

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