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Cadmus is an online environment where teachers create, and students complete written assessments in one shared place.  It offers a new way of conducting assessment that will help to improve teaching and learning outcomes, including, but not limited to, academic integrity, student experience and graduate outcomes....

Features of Cadmus are:

  • Assignment instructions are provided on the same page where students complete their written work.
  • Assignment instructions can be updated at any point and scaffolded, with all the changes immediately visible to students.
  • Notes tab provides opportunities to encourage students adopt an “authentic” learning process, making it easy to take notes, plan, and collect research in a single environment.
  • Simple text formatting options.
  • Saving of work occurs automatically online.
  • Reminders provided to paraphrase and add citations while writing.
  • APA reference guide is available at hand within the environment.
  • Seamless integration with Turnitin for assessment submission, originality report and feedback.
  • Weekly student progress reports and summary completion reports provided to inform action and change.


Training and Support

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