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Blackboard Learn Ultra

Blackboard Learn Ultra is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at ECU for short courses. Blackboard Learn Ultra is not a replacement for the Blackboard Learn 9.1 LMS, as used for undergraduate and graduate coursework.

Blackboard Learn Ultra provides a personalised learner experience with intuitive navigation, streamlined workflows with mobile-friendly device support.

What to expect from Blackboard Learn Ultra

For teachers

  • Planning. Instructors can leverage and reuse course materials while planning their courses, in order to streamline their workflow and minimize minutia. This content is displayed in a familiar outline structure.
  • Driving student success. Instructors can better coordinate and support student success through integrated, simplified quantitative understanding of learning progress.
  • Grading. Instructors can experience extraordinarily streamlined grading, so students can view and understand assessment in time for it to resonate.

For students

  • Filtered, personalised deadline tracking. The stream presents students with a prioritised list of what they need to do, and filters out the noise to provide a deep sense of signal. Students can see exactly what’s due, and can respond to the most pressing academic deadlines.
  • Supportive encouragement. Students view integrated analytics in their stream in a helpful, colloquial voice. These analytics help students gain an awareness of their activity and take action in an appropriate timeframe.
  • Centralised course outline. Students can view their courses in both a timeline and a visual course calendar, helping them understand and manage their progress. An integrated course list sets the scene for future-looking degree and academic planning.
  • Seamless transition between mobile and desktop. Students can build and maintain awareness of their academic journey in any digital modality, and move easily between Blackboard Student and Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience.


No, Blackboard Learn Ultra is only for short courses.

For all ECU offerings (undergraduate and postgraduate) we continue to use Blackboard Learn 9.1.

Blackboard Learn Ultra is only for non-award ECU short courses.

If your School has decided to run a short course, you can get this onto Blackboard Ultra by contacting Short Courses at ECU email

For students having problems enrolling or accessing courses, contact Short Courses at ECU, email

Students having problems within their courses, please contact the appropriate School.

Access the Staff Development Calendar to view the upcoming training sessions and Nominate your attendance.

For further assistance or to arrange a group training, contact


For course related enquiries, visit Short Courses at ECU or email
For further information, training and support contact
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