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National surveys

The surveys unit manages/coordinates a number of nationally based surveys.

Australian Graduate Survey (AGS)

Australian Graduate Survey is administered to graduates approximately four months following the completion of their course. There are three distinct components of the AGS:

  • Graduate Destination Survey (GDS) - looks at graduates' employment and further study activity four months after completion of their course
  • Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) - explores graduates' perceptions on their course and teaching staff
  • Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (PREQ) - seeks feedback from research postgraduates' on their experience in their higher degree course

The AGS is nationally coordinated by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA). Survey Services manages the ECU campaign; codes responses from graduates and organises the final submission of ECU's data set. Please see the AGS page for more information.

University Experience Survey (UES)

The University Experience Survey (UES) is a key initiative developed by the Australian Government designed "to ensure ongoing improvement in the quality of learning and teaching". The UES was administered in all Australian universities for the first time in the third quarter of 2012. The UES is currently administered, in conjunction with universities, by a consortium comprising Graduate Careers Australia and The Social Research Centre. Students are asked for feedback on a range of factors including skill development, learner engagement, teaching quality, support and resources.

Beyond Graduation Survey (BGS)

The BGS can be seen as an extension of the AGS, where students surveyed upon completion of their courses are then followed up 3 and then 5 years afterwards and asked similar questions about their employment status, further study outcomes, and perceptions of their ECU course.

International Student Barometer (ISB)

The ISB is a survey of international students (onshore) in which the majority of Australian universities, and many universities globally, participate. ECU has been involved since 2010. International students are asked about their experiences of arrival, learning and support. The ISB is overseen by iGraduate.

Australian University Student Survey of Engagement (AUSSE)

ECU participated in the AUSSE between 2009 and 2011 inclusive. The majority of Australian and New Zealand universities also participated in this survey. The AUSSE attempted to gauge the extent to which students are involved in 'engaged' behaviour promoting positive learning outcomes. (Note: despite some overlap, this is not the same as ECU's own particular brand of mutually beneficial community Engagement.)

Sustainable Research Excellence (SRE) Survey for DIISR – survey of academic activities/hours

In 2010 and 2011 Commonwealth Government required all universities to survey research staff to assess the proportion of their working time spent on research in relation to other activities. This was part of an exercise in allocating additional funding towards the indirect costs of research.

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