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Multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) scanning service

Survey Services provide an efficient service for lecturers who wish to use MCQ as part of their unit's assessment strategy either for mid-semester tests, or as part of a final exam.

MCQ/exams/tests are scanned and processed by Survey Services using Remark V4 scanning software and Opscan 8 Optical Readers/Scanners.

Important information

  • Please do not send exam papers via internal mail. Exam papers should be sent through courier, registered mail or delivered personally.
  • Bookings are essential in order for us to manage our workflow.
  • Exam papers delivered without bookings will be processed as a low priority.
  • Answer keys should be fully filled out prior to arriving for your appointment. These must be on an original MCQ form, as the scanner cannot read photocopies.

Guidelines & procedures for academic staff requesting scanning of their students MCQ computer sheets:

Prior to making a booking

The content of the test and answer key must be prepared prior to the booking of the scanning.

Making a booking

Contact Survey Services and arrange a suitable time for the processing of the test. Survey Services is located on the Joondalup Campus, Building 1a room 390.

Prior to students taking the test

Advise students how to fill in their details on the MCQ sheet. Identification details must be left justified. Student ID must be filled in Columns A – G of the identification number grid. This is usually done 2 weeks leading up to the test week.

Also remind students to have an eraser and a suitable pencil (preferably no harder than HB) if they are answering in pencil, otherwise a blue or black pen and correction fluid/tape if they are answering in pen. Pencil is recommended.

The scanner will only pickup answers that have been correctly filled out. Answers need to be presented in one of the five circles (A - D). Answers that are faint, those with just a strike through the circle or those who simply select the letter above while leaving the circles blank, will not be ready by the scanner and therefore results will be impacted. Selecting more than one  answer to a question will result in the answer being marked incorrect.

On the day of the MCQ/exam/test

Ask the invigilators to remind students that their identification details are completed correctly. Identification details must be left justified. Student ID must be filled in Columns A – G of the Identification Number grid. Responses must be clearly and correctly marked on the MCQ sheet.

Ask the invigilators when collecting the exam booklets and sheets to ensure that all students have correctly filled in their Student ID and full name on the MCQ sheets.

After the test

Collect all material from Student Services. The invigilators will collate and return all exam/test material to Student Services and separate the MCQ sheets from the rest of the exam script. Have all MCQ sheets sorted and collated one way, i.e.: all the same way, facing up.

Have all MCQ sheets sorted, grouped (if applicable) and labelled. Each group must be labelled (i.e.: unit code, campus, etc...) and the answers must be filled out on the answer key. The answer key sent to Survey Services must be an original, not photocopy or faxed.

Staff will be asked for their cost centre to allocate this charge. Advise Survey Services of the types of reports you would like generated.

What do academic staff receive after the processing is complete?

All MCQ sheets including the answer key will be handed back to staff. Results are sent electronically in the form of a spread sheet containing students ID, name and score.

A full suite of frequency analysis reports can be generated upon request.


Evaluation Officer
Mr Hamed Salih
Telephone: 6304 2049

Survey Project Officer
Ms Jo Walsh
Telephone: 6304 2817

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