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Records & Information Management Training

Records & Information management is an important university function and is the responsibility of all ECU staff. IMAS offers a range of training and ongoing educational support to guide ECU staff in best practice records & information management.

Below are the two main training modules offered by IMAS and completion of both of these modules is required to gain access to ECUs official records management system, HP Content Manager. Beyond these two core units RAMS are happy to provide customised sessions of more complex functionalities to individuals or groups, as well as refresher sessions to those who have had training in the past but need to be reacquainted.

Outside of any formal sessions, IMAS are always happy to provide assistance with any queries. Do not hesitate to get in contact with the team or 6304 2915.

HPRM WebClient training is a classroom session which showcases the system functionality of HPRM. This session is specific for Apple MAC users & for those who require remote access due to travel requirements

Note: WebClient can be used on Windows desktops, it has a visual interface which may appeal to some users. Both the HPRM desktop version & WebClient differ, we can show you the differences in this session.

  • Searching the system
  • Saving & editing documents
  • Sharing documents via Weblinks

You can enrol into one of our scheduled classes HPRM WebClient Training. Please note there is a separate course for Mac users.

HPRM Basic is a classroom session where we apply the lessons of the Records Awareness Training (RATS) program in HP Records Manager, ECU’s official record keeping system. This session covers system functionality, why record keeping systems are used & business efficiencies that support users with daily record keeping requirements.

  • Searching the system
  • Saving & editing documents
  • Using MS Office integrations

You can enrol into one of our scheduled classes HPRM Basic Training. Please note there is a separate course for Mac users.

Record Keeping Awareness Training (RATS) is an online course designed to give staff a comprehensive overview of Records & Information Management. Better recordkeeping enables users to improve processes & streamline business efficiencies.

This interactive course will help you identify these responsibilities, including:

  • Creating records
  • Capturing records in the University's recordkeeping system
  • Securing and protecting records
  • Providing access to information
  • Retaining and disposing of records.

To enrol in RATS, contact and provide the following information.

  • Full Name
  • ADS Login / ECU Login ID
  • Staff Number
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