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The Information Management & Archives Services (IMAS) business unit is responsible for the University's information governance, records management, administration, education and regulation.

Our primary role is to facilitate & assist users with record keeping best practices & programs that support the University’s business records. We aim to educate & ensure Schools & Service Centres have all the files they require for their business activities, safeguarding the business records specific to their area. IMAS continuously maintains & reviews business processes accordingly to provide clear records management guidelines & ways to improve business efficiencies across the University.

Business Objectives:

  • Provide advice, tools & techniques for record keeping best practices
  • Deliver training and support programs
  • Assist with information management processes
  • Conduct searches & retrievals for information
  • Enable quality assurance and controls
  • Provide management analysis & reporting
  • Supply an effective & efficient records management system
  • Plan & control disposal programs for inactive records
  • Preserve and protect archival and vital records

This ensures that the operating environment is in accordance with best practice principles and industry standards.

Guiding Principles: Our services are guided by the following principles:

  • To support the University at every level by meeting the needs of staff, students, researchers, business partners, affiliates and members of the public for timely access to accurate information
  • To be proactive in our approach and share knowledge and expertise with professionals and academics across the University
  • To ensure complete, accurate, reliable and functional documentation of University business activities are captured and preserved in order to meet current and future legal, evidential, accountability and research requirements.

The National Archives of Australia has produced a video that explains the importance of keeping good records and why Information Matters

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