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Open Door Teachers: Developing Teacher Leaders

This programme provides opportunities for staff to observe exceptional educators teach as Open Door Teachers. Observations and then debriefing about decisions and approaches provides insights into effective teaching and can bridge the practice and scholarship divide by connecting to research informed best practices.

The Programme

Teaching staff with extensive, successful experience in an aspect of teaching will be identified. These staff will be observed and given feedback on why a certain aspect of their teaching is successful and be supported to develop their ability to articulate their decision making and process practices. These teachers will be invited to participate in the Open Door initiative and can also opt to be a TOP mentor.

Teaching Week

During a semester, CLT will designate a week as Teaching Week. At that time, several Open Door Teachers across schools will open up their classes for observation by their ECU colleagues.  Participants are encouraged to engage in conversation afterward, where both teachers and observers can reflect on what they experienced. This partnership offers invaluable opportunities for academics to learn from peers, and to gain exposure to new and different teaching strategies. A case study resource will be built around their teaching, including video and unpacking of their teaching as it aligns with current scholarship. These cases can be evidence for teaching portfolios for promotion or applying for awards.


Staff can self-nominate or nominate a peer; Express an interest in participating in this initiative by contacting CLT Senior Academic Developer Dr Audrey Geste

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