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You will be enrolled in to the PDC program using your official ECU email. All access information, reminders and completion certificates will be sent via your ECU email.

Contact your School Officer or the person who is processing your contract.

The schedule for the PDCs is listed in the Staff Development Calendar. There are nomination links for each session. You can also nominate for sessions through the Staff Kiosk. Please note that the December 31st date listed is a placeholder for your enrolment – not a start date.

PDC111 – All teaching staff

PDC112 - On-campus teachers

PDC113 – Unit Coordinators

PDC114 – Staff coordinating and teaching a fully online unit - includes design and facilitation modules

PDC114 (Facilitation Only) – Staff teaching a fully online unit – facilitation module only

PDC115 –WA based Staff travelling to teach into a Third-Party location. For queries contact CLT.

PDC116 – Course Coordinators

Refreshers – All PDCs are offered as refreshers for staff who have completed the PDC more than 5 years ago.

For further clarification you can see PDC requirements here.

If it has been more than 5 years since completing a PDC, staff are required to complete an abbreviated Refresher version that updates knowledge.

  1. Check your emails for a previously issued completion certificate
  2. Check your own training record in Staff Kiosk link
  3. Lastly, email CLT to check.

Please contact CLT to register your interest and check back on the Staff Development Calendar for newly scheduled sessions.

Staff are welcome to attend sessions offered on any campus. We try to balance and alternate sessions between ML and JO. You may need to travel to another campus to find a session that fits your schedule. When we can arrange minimum numbers, we will add a session at the SW campus. If you are from the SW campus and can’t attend a Perth on-campus session, please contact CLT.

Online PDCs typically only add enrolments at the beginning of the month it is offered, however in some circumstances you can be added during the month. Please email CLT to arrange this.

On-campus workshops have participant maximums. You will be added to a waitlist. There is no maximum for online PDCs.

On-campus workshops have participant minimums. If the minimum number of people have not enrolled to ensure a meaningful learning experience, another workshop will be scheduled, and you will be notified. There is no minimum for online PDCs.

Once you are given access to the Blackboard site at the beginning of the month, you can start any time. Each PDC has a different amount of time to finish.  For further clarification you can see PDC requirements here.

No. Online PDCs commence at the beginning of the month. Once you have been given access, you can start any time during that month. For on-campus sessions you can start after attending the session. PDCs vary in the amount of time given to complete them.

If you are on a contract, your contract (or renewal of contract) will likely not be finalised until your School has seen your completion certificate. Each School has their own time requirements and schedule for this, however if you need additional time, email the facilitator to arrange an extension.

PDC111 is online and runs on a monthly basis.  At the beginning of the month after you’ve registered, you will be enrolled into the Blackboard site and emailed access and completion information then. PDC114 is online during certain months – you will be emailed information at the beginning of the month.  For on-campus workshops you will be enrolled into the Blackboard site after attending the workshop. For sessions offered through Blackboard Collaborate you will be emailed access information the day before the scheduled session.

Certificates are sent to your ECU email. Submissions are usually marked at the end of the month. Once your submissions are marked by the facilitator, your training record will be updated, and you will be emailed a completion certificate. Certificates are usually administered at the end of the month.

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