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Indigenous Games

(National Indigenous Unigames)

What are the Indigenous Games?

The first Games were held in 1996 and were attended by around 30 students, they have since grown to host hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from universities around Australia. Students compete in four core sports (touch football, netball, basketball, volleyball) plus a traditional Indigenous game every year!

This year, it is expected at least 35 teams made up of 14 players from universities around Australia will enjoy competing in the sports as well as immersing themselves in cultural and social activities.

Who can attend Indigenous Games?

Indigenous University Games (IUG) is open to all ECU students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. Students must be enrolled in at least one unit during semester 1 to be eligible to compete.

All students competing at Indigenous University Games must also meet the following requirements:

  • Not have any outstanding encumbrances and/or fees
  • Have a current academic Good Standing
  • Be enrolled in at least 1 unit at ECU during Semester 1
  • Attend required training sessions on a frequent basis
  • Attend all required events related to competition
  • Be able to afford associated costs for event

How do I join the ECU Indigenous Games Team?

The best way is to attend ECU's Sports Sign-Up Day being held on each campus in March. Following Sports Sign-Up Day, students are invited to train and form teams under the guidance of their IUG Team Captain.

Express your interest by contacting ECU Sport and Fitness

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