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If you can't open the documents below or the Oracle Service Cloud Installation Guide using your Staff ADS login, click here for further instruction.

Oracle Service Cloud - Events

Oracle Service Cloud  - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Oracle Service Cloud Training is done by the Service Cloud Driving Instructor in your area (check with your manager if you are unsure who this is). Your Driving Instructor is responsible for your account creation and training.

You will need to enrol and follow the instructions on the Blackboard Community site:

  • Login to Blackboard
  • Type Oracle Service Cloud in the Community Site Search and select Go
  • At the bottom of the page, select the down arrow beside the number 675 and select Enrol and then Submit
  • You will now see the Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) Training now under My Communities on your Blackboard home page

Interaction Desktop - Customer Interaction Centre (CIC)

To gain access to Interaction Desktop (ECU's Contact Centre Solution), you will need to enrol and follow the instructions on the Blackboard Community site:

  • Login to Blackboard
  • Type Customer Interaction Centre in the Community Site Search and select Go
  • At the bottom of the page, select the down arrow beside the number 761 and select Enrol and then Submit
  • You will see the Interactive Intelligence Training now under My Communities on your Blackboard


Callista is the University's Student Information Management System.  Most academic staff will use Callista, as will professional staff in roles which involve student administration.  More information and additional reference and training material is available here

Requesting access

All academic staff automatically have a Callista account created for them. You only need to complete an Application for a Callista Account if you require more than basic inquiry access.

Professional staff are required to complete an application for a Callista Account via the IT Services Kiosk

Please check the information on Callista Security Roles for details on the various roles available to ensure that roles appropriate to your position are selected.

  • After logging into the IT Services Kiosk click 'I want to order something'
  • On the left under the 'Categories' menu click 'Getting Connected'
  • Click the ‘Application Access’ link in the top middle of the page
  • Complete the access application form by filling in all the mandatory fields
    1. From the ‘Which Application can we help you with?’ drop down menu select Callista
    2. Add required Callista roles from the ‘Callista Entitlements’ options.  If you need access to Callista Connect (see below) please make sure that you include STAFF CONNECT as a role.

Accessing the system

You can access the Callista and Callista Connect application by navigating to the Staff Portal and then clicking on either the Callista or Callista Connect application link in the "Easy Logins" menu on the left-hand side of the Staff Portal. You may need to add the link to your "Easy Logins" by clicking on the 'edit pencil' icon next to the "Easy Logins" title. This will allow you to add the application to your list.

What is the difference between Callista Forms and Callista Connect?

Callista Forms is designed for inputting and changing information such as admission and enrolment etc. Callista SMS is also used for running specialised reports and executing specialised jobs.

Callista Connect is designed for viewing individual information and running reports. Callista Connect runs in an SOE web browser without a plug-in. In general, staff use Callista Connect to view and gather information and Callista SMS to input and change information.

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