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Managing your approved animal research ethics application

All applications are approved with standard conditions of approval and some projects may also have further specific conditions of approval. For more information, download the AEC Conditions of approval.


All research and teaching activities involving animals are approved subject to compliance with monitoring procedures. Monitoring is the process of verifying that the conduct of research conforms to the approved ethics application.

Institutions are responsible for ensuring that research is reliably monitored and establishing that a research project is being, or has been, conducted in the manner approved by the Ethics Committee.

Monitoring involves completion of an annual progress report (if your project is longer than one year) and completion of a final report at the end of your project.

An annual statistical return is also required to comply with the regulations under the WA Animal Welfare Act. Guidelines are available to assist with completing the Annual Statistical Return.

You will be notified when a report is due and will need to complete the Ethics Report Form. The same form can be used for either an annual progress report or a final report.

Extension of ethics approval

All research projects are approved for a specified period of time – from the date of approval until the date of completion provided in the ethics application.

Ethics approval covers both the collection and use/analysis of data, information and/or samples. Researchers should ensure that the period of time requested for ethics approval is sufficient.

If an extension of the approval period is required, a request must be submitted to the Ethics Committee – before the original approval expires.

To request an extension of ethics approval, please send an email to the Research Ethics Team providing a brief reason why the extension is needed and giving the new expected date of completion.

Changes to your project

The Ethics Committee understands that research designs do change, particularly for long-term projects. Amendments to the research design that may affect the welfare of the animals and/or that may have ethical implications must be reviewed and approved by the Ethics Committee before commencement.

To request approval for a change, please complete the Amendment Form and send it to the Research Ethics Team.

The Amendment Form can be used to request approval for both minor and major amendments.

  • A minor amendment is a change to the project that does not increase the impact on the animals.
  • A major amendment is a change that is likely to increase the impact on the animals and/or affect their welfare in a more negative manner.

Adverse or unforeseen events

Researchers are required to immediately report to the Ethics Committee anything that might warrant review of ethical approval of the research project, including:

  • any unexpected death of an animal or euthanasia due to unforeseen complications and/or any serious or unexpected adverse effects; and
  • unforeseen events that might affect continued ethical acceptability of the project

The Ethics Committees also reserve the right to adopt any additional appropriate mechanism for monitoring approved research projects.

To report an adverse or unforeseen event, please submit the Adverse Event Report Form to the Research Ethics Team.

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