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Animal research policy and legislation

The ethical conduct of research activities that involves the use of animals for scientific purposes is governed by guidelines contained in legislation and policies.

National Health and Medical Research Council

Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

This Code guides institutions and researchers in responsible research practices. It promotes integrity in research and explains what is expected of researchers by the community.

The Code advocates and describes best practice in research, as well as setting out a framework for handling breaches. Advice is provided on how to manage research data and materials; how to publish and disseminate research findings (including proper attribution of authorship); obligations in peer review; how to collaborate across institutions; and how to manage conflicts of interest.

Australian Code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes

The Code covers all aspects of the care and use of, or interaction with, animals for scientific purposes in medicine, biology, agriculture, veterinary and other animal sciences, industry and teaching.

Guidelines to promote the wellbeing of animals used for scientific purposes: The assessment and alleviation of pain and distress in research animals

These guidelines promote the wellbeing of animals used for scientific purposes and aim to minimise their experience of pain and distress.

ECU Policy

Conduct of Ethical Research and Teaching Involving Animals Policy

This document outlines the policy and procedures for the ethical conduct of research and teaching involving animals at ECU, providing guidance for staff and students.

Animal welfare

Animal Welfare Act

The Animal Welfare Act and accompanying regulations govern the treatment and welfare of animals in Western Australia. The Act is administered by the Department of Agriculture and Food.

Animal Welfare Act - Information for ECU Staff and Students (PDF File, 39.0 KB)

This document provides information for staff and students who use animals for research and/or teaching. It gives information on the significance of the Animal Welfare Act and its practical implications.

Licence to use animals for scientific purpose (PDF File, 3.8 MB)

It is a condition of the Animal Welfare Act that any use of animals by ECU staff and students is covered by a valid scientific use licence and is in accordance with the scientific use licence.  For more information, please see the DAFWA website.

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