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Effective decision-making requires unambiguous statements of limits to authority. All staff members need a clear understanding of those areas in which they can make decisions and commitments on behalf of the University. Equally, staff need to understand which matters must be referred to a higher decision-making level within the University. Clarity ensures effective decision-making and reduces delay, confusion and 'bureaucracy'.

Risk Management also requires that the University manages its risk through assigning authority appropriately. The greater the risk, the higher the level of decision-making authority required. Most stated limits to authority within the University revolve around financial limits. Whilst these are of course important, they do not always fully acknowledge the non-financial risks involved in an activity.

Efficient operation of the University means that a number of decisions/actions are either formally delegated, or allocated by the Vice-Chancellor to specific positions within the University. These are specified in the Delegations and Authorisations Framework.

The Universities Delegations and Authorities are provided in the form of a searchable database. The database is designed to assist staff carry out their functions in a manner consistent with the Act, Statutes, Rules and University policies, practices and procedures and with risk management and control requirements.

For a searchable index of all University delegations and authorities please use the new Delegations and Authorities Database under the See also menu.

University Delegations and Authorities

Further assistance

Any questions regarding the Delegations and Authorities Framework or the database should be referred to the Manager, University Governance.

Acting Manager, University Governance
Ms Kathryn Clarke
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 2109

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