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Requesting access

Staff that are required to monitor work queues must be a member of the group that has access to the queue.  Contact the IT Service Desk to request access to a work queue, via email: or telephone: (8) 6304 6000 or extension 6000

Accessing the system

You can access the Online Forms System by navigating to the Staff Portal and then clicking on the Online Forms and Workflow (System) application link in the "Easy Logins" menu on the left-hand side of the Staff Portal. You may need to add the link to your "Easy Logins" by clicking on the 'edit pencil' icon next to the "Easy Logins" title. This will allow you to add the application to your list.


If you are an approver/contributor of a single work flow step you will receive an email notification with a link to the respective form and will be able to access the application directly from the provided link in the email notification.

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