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How to repay

How do I repay my loan?

You will be required to enter into a loan agreement with ECU. Your loan agreement is interest free and will require you to make fortnightly repayments via direct debit from your nominated bank account.

Repayment Information

Students whose loan applications are approved will be required to repay the full loan amount within twelve months. Repayments will be set at a minimum of:

  • the total approved loan amount divided by 26 fortnights; or
  • a minimum repayment of $20 per fortnight.

Students finishing or discontinuing studies

If you complete your studies at ECU during your loan term, you MUST repay the entire outstanding amount prior to graduation. It is recommended that your loan agreement is negotiated to ensure you have sufficient time to fully repay your outstanding balance four weeks prior to graduation. Failure to repay the outstanding portion of a loan will result in an encumbrance on your student record which will prevent graduation from your course.

If you discontinue your course of study you MUST repay the outstanding amount of your loan within 20 business days of discontinuation. Failure to repay the outstanding portion of a loan could result in the matter being referred to a debt collection agency.

Students will not be granted loans within six months of their course completion.

Missed a payment on your loan agreement?

Should you default (fail to make a due payment) on your loan agreement you may be deemed to be liable for the immediate repayment of any overdue amount on that loan in addition to any payment-default fees incurred.

ECU will attempt to contact you within two business days of a default in the loan agreement being identified.

If ECU have been unable to contact you within five business days, ECU will refer the outstanding loan amount and any recovery/penalty costs incurred to a debt collection agency.

If you contact ECU to discuss your loan agreement within five business days of defaulting on your loan ECU will:

  • determine whether you  have any extreme circumstances which have resulted in your default and re-negotiate the repayment schedule; or
  • make a determination whether your financial circumstances have changed and re-negotiate the repayment schedule; or
  • if your circumstances have not changed you will be given ten business days in which to correct the default, as well as any incurred payment-default fees. If you do not make any attempt to contact ECU or rectify the default on your loan agreement, the matter may be referred to a debt collection agency.

Extension of the loan agreement

In exceptional circumstances, your original loan agreement and final repayment date may be renegotiated. An extension to your loan repayment schedule may only be granted:

  • once
  • in the latter half of the loan repayment period; and
  • provided loan repayments are not in arrears.

Please contact us if you need to discuss any possible extension of your loan agreement.


Should you default (fail to make a due payment) on your loan ECU will place a financial encumbrance on your student record until the default is rectified and the overdue amount is paid in full. An encumbrance may restrict your access to services provided by the University including computing, library access, SIMO access (re-enrolment/results) and approval to graduate.

What happens if I don't keep to my loan agreement?

If for any reason you cannot maintain your payments you MUST contact the Scholarships Office immediately. Your loan agreement is a legally binding document and you must remember that you have made a commitment to repay the ECU Student Loan. If you do not maintain your loan agreement an encumbrance may be placed on your student record and any outstanding loan balance and any additional cost to recover the loan may be referred to a debt collection agency.

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