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Commonwealth support

If you are a domestic student in a Bachelor course, your tuition fees are set by the Government and also subsidised. The Government contributes to the cost and it means you pay less. Some Post-Graduate courses are also subsidised.

HELP Loans

Some domestic students are eligible to study without paying up-front. The fees are deferred on either a HECS-HELP loan or a FEE-HELP loan dependant on the course you study and you are only required to repay it through the taxation system when you are earning above a set amount.

How to pay

You can pay tuition fees like all your other bills. For example, Online by credit card, Bpay and EFTPOS. Check your Statement of Account on our Student Information Management Online (SIMO) system for your details.

When to pay

Tuition fees are payable per teaching period (e.g. Semester 1, Semester 2). Your invoice is made available online within our Student Information Management Online (SIMO) system prior to the due date.

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