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When to pay

When to pay

Tuition fees are payable each teaching period you are enrolled in a unit and there are many due dates during the academic year.

  Domestic Students International Students
Semester 1 17 March 1 March
Semester 2 15 August 1 August
Summer School 15 January
Winter School 1 July
Full Year 16 May
Split Full Year 15 September
Trimester 1 7 February
Trimester 2 30 May
Trimester 3 1 October
Term 1 17 January
Term 2 16 April
Term 3 17 July
Term 4 17 October
Practicum 1 10 March
Practicum 2 24 April
Practicum 3 5 June
Practicum 4 26 August
Practicum 5 31 July
Practicum 6 9 October
Practicum 7 1 March
Practicum 8 1 August

After you have enrolled in your units and approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the due date, you will receive an email to your student email account to advise you of the availability of your Statement of Account which indicates the amount due.

If you are enrolled in teaching periods other than or in addition to Semester 1 and 2 such as a Practicum, Terms and Trimesters you will be invoiced separately for these units prior to the relevant due date.

If you are eligible to defer payment of your fees on a HELP loan and you instead choose to pay all or part up-front, you must ensure payment is made by the due date. Payments received after the due date will not be accepted.


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