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Performance Enhancement

The facilitation of performance enhancement at ECU is imbedded in OD's advisory role. The main purpose is to align individual-, team- and organisational strategies and objectives.

Practical examples of these are the development and maintenance of systems like:

  • The Role Based Development Framework (RBDF);
  • Design, development and facilitation of Strategy and Planning workshops;
  • Diagnosis, design, development and facilitation in areas where performance enhancement is requested/needed;
  • The facilitation of change;
  • Specific team development interventions;
  • Determination of needs, development, change and psychometric evaluation or assessment tools for individual and team development.

Design and Development of workshops

  • Co-design and plan the workshops;
  • Ensure team inputs and collaboration;
  • Facilitate the workshops;
  • Follow up and maintenance support.

Facilitation of change

  • Co-design and plan the process;
  • Establish Change readiness;
  • Facilitate the acknowledgement and acceptance of the initiative;
  • Facilitating the determination of resources and processes needed to optimise change during and after implementation;
  • Facilitate skills development.


  • A team development charter (link);
  • TMP (accredited in-house facilitators);
  • Co-design, plan and develop the workshops;
  • Facilitate the workshops;
  • Follow up and maintenance support.

Support with Evaluation or Assessment tools:

The team is in possession or have access to a number of tools:

  • Myers & Briggs;
  • Team Management Profiles;
  • 360 degrees Leadership Development Questionnaire;
  • Access to several psychometric assessments through the expertise of a resident organisational psychologist.
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