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Coaching and Mentoring

The ECU Coaching Register has been developed based on emerging needs and requests from ECU staff and Managers/Supervisors.

A professional coach may be used to enhance individual or professional growth or to advance organisational goals and objectives.

Coaching can be used for various purposes and many coaches specialise in an array of disciplines in order to provide the best value to their coachees.

Please review the definitions of the coaching disciplines in order to find the right coach for you or your staff member.

All coaches hold qualifications and relevant experience in their area/s of specialisation as well as experience in, or exposure to, the Higher Education sector.

Most are Registered Psychologists and/or hold accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or similar accreditation body.

Executive Coaching is utilised to develop capabilities to achieve business goals. A facilitative relationship between a coach and an executive (or manager) that enables the executive (or manager) to achieve personal, job or organisational-related goals or objectives with an intention to improve organisational performance.

Executive Coaching Register

Leadership Coaching is utilised to develop a more effective leadership style or manner. It can assist positional leaders in the improvement of individual leadership effectiveness, learning and performance.

Leadership Coaching Register

Research Coaching provides expert coaching to assist researchers and research teams to strengthen research outcomes. It provides independent, confidential advice to researchers about research and research management including organisational solutions, research team coaching and coaching for research leaders and executives.

Research Coaching Register

Business Coaching is utilised to develop strategy, objectives and priorities. It is a collaborative process that helps businesses, owner/managers and employees achieve their personal and business related goals to ensure long-term success.

Business Coaching Register

Performance Coaching enhances personal development and strengthens self-confidence. It helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organisations. It deepens learning to improve performance and enhance quality of life.

Performance Coaching Register

Behaviour Coaching enhances work and interpersonal behaviours and assists in the development and understanding of behaviour management skills and strategies.

Behaviour Coaching Register


Staff from the City of JoondalupEdith Cowan University, the WA Police Academy, and North Metropolitan TAFE have the unique opportunity to take part in a cross-organisational mentoring program supported by the Joondalup Learning Precinct Board.

The program brings staff together to enrich, enhance and share experiences and to strengthen relationships between Precinct partners. Program goals include:

  • Developing individuals and improving their performance and effectiveness in the workplace
  • Providing opportunities to develop networks
  • Strengthening inter-agency relationships
  • Improving inter-agency communication
  • Providing a sustainable support mechanism for staff
  • Supporting professional development activities.

Evaluation of mentor programs has shown that mentors find personal satisfaction in sharing their skills and experience with others. Mentees also benefit from the opportunity to broaden their knowledge base and learn from an experienced person.

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