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Studying online - Support for Students with disabilities

Studying Online: Support for students with disabilities

ECU is proud of our diverse and inclusive learning and working environment and is committed to ensuring continued accessibility and inclusion for all members of our community.

As ECU moves to delivering more units and courses online, we are committed to ensuring that no student is disadvantaged. ECU will continue to provide support for students with diverse study needs, particularly students with a permanent or temporary disability or medical condition which may impact on their studies.

This page is designed to provide you with an overview of the support that is available at ECU to assist you within your online studies. For additional information download the attached PDF.

Please be aware that during this transition there may be some changes to the information contained on this page based on the feedback of staff and students. For any questions regarding accessibility, please contact the Equity Projects Officers at or (618) 6304 6170 who will refer you to an appropriate service.

Learning Assessment Plans (LAPs)

A Learning and Assessment Plan (LAP) is an agreement which outlines the type and level of support ECU will provide to students in relation to a permanent and/or temporary disability and/or medical condition. This can include students who have mental health difficulties or other support needs.

  • Depending upon the type of assistance you require, it may include
  • information on the adjustments required to facilitate your studies
  • whether you require any special exam conditions
  • any services or facilities being provided to assist you during your studies

If you already have a LAP, this is still valid, and any agreed accommodations will be transferred to the online learning format as efficiently as possible.

For those students who have not previously had a LAP but now feel they would benefit from further accommodations, the first step is to make an appointment with an Equity, Diversity and Disability Officer to discuss your options and needs via or on (618) 6304 6960.

Accessible online delivery options

See below an overview of some of the key accommodations available for students to effectively access online learning. For any questions regarding online accessibility and to explore your options, please contact the Equity Projects Officers at or (618) 6304 6170.


Automatic captioning can be inaccurate and therefore may not be appropriate for students who rely heavily on captioning. It can, however, be useful for some students to use in addition to following along with audio. Staff are encouraged to enable automatic captioning wherever possible and you can ask you lecturer/tutor to do so. If automatic captioning is not possible or is inappropriate based on your needs, please contact the Equity, Diversity and Disability Service at or (618) 6304 6960 to discuss manual captioning options.

Auslan interpreting

Students who have previously had a LAP that includes access to an Auslan interpreter will continue to receive this support through online learning technologies wherever possible. Students who have not previously had a LAP but now require one, can contact the Equity, Diversity and Disability Service at or (618) 6304 6960.

Note takers

Students who previously had access to a note taking service, will continue to have this support with note takers continuing to access lectures and tutorials online. Students who have not previously had a LAP but now require one, can contact the Equity, Diversity and Disability Service at or (618) 6304 6960.

Screen readers

If you utilise a screen reader, please see the online screen technologies overview table for information regarding screen reader compatibility with our key online technologies. If you have any issues accessing online content, please contact for further support.

Keyboard access

If you require keyboard access and our online learning technologies are not meeting this need effectively, please contact for further support.

Online learning technologies

ECU is committed to supporting students with disabilities to reach their full potential and we have provided an overview of the capabilities of emerging online technologies being used. ECU has an ever-growing range of resources and supports to prepare students for learning off campus on the Student Intranet.

Please contact if your accessibility needs are not being met during this time of transition. Please be aware that the below information will be updated based on feedback provided by staff and students as needed.

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