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Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Angela Hill shares her top tips for getting a good start to Uni

Tuesday, 23 February 2021


At the Orientation welcome Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Angela Hill shared her top tips for getting a good start to Uni.

"Here at ECU you're joining a community of like-minded people, who are embarking on a similar journey to you. A journey which I know you will find fulfilling a absolutely life changing." Professor Hill said.

Highlighting the wide range of support services available to help students succeed, and the university's consistent ranking as one of best for satisfaction with teaching quality, Professor Hill said the courses at ECU are designed to make graduates ready for work in the real world.

"We want you to seek out the opportunities to make sure you build the skills and knowledge, and learn to collaborate with your peers, as well as industry." Professor Hill said, before sharing some of her top tips for being a successful student.

Successful students seek support

ECU has amazing support services, from the librarians – who can help you find all your resources,  the Academic Skills Centres and learning advisers on all our WA campuses, and online – where you can learn how to confidently approach your assessment tasks, to the Student Hub where you can be guided to any service on campus.  Everyone is here to help you.  Today you might feel confident, but it is normal to have days when university study is a bit overwhelming – so always know that we are here for you.

Make sure you log onto Blackboard

It’s like the Facebook for university students– that is where all your information you need about your units, have contact with your teachers and also your peers.  Treat Blackboard like your best friend – visit it often and give it your full attention

Attend your classes and participate in all your unit activities

Even if your first classes feel daunting, I guarantee that after three weeks you will have made friends and have found at least two people you can study with.  If you are studying online, use the discussion boards.  It is truly amazing what a difference having a few peers to study with will make.  Remember it takes discipline to succeed, think of how motivated you feel today, but like joining a gym, you have to keep going to get the benefits!

Find time to think about your future career

Jobs are changing, but a university degree is your best insurance for job security.   We have a fantastic career service that assists students navigate preparation for employment.  They also offer a range of services to assist you find a part-time job while you are studying– we know that many of you will be juggling work and study, and probably family responsibilities too – so we are here to help you manage that juggle.

Eat healthy food and remember to exercise

Looking after yourself by having a good diet and incorporating regular exercise into your schedule will make a big difference to your success at studying. There are great gyms on campus, and lots of sporting teams you can sign up to as well. Visit the Sport and Fitness area to see all they have on offer.

Make your time at ECU a time when you learn more about yourself and the world.

Universities are communities and you will find that at ECU we live our values – one of those values is RESPECT.  Take a tour around our campuses and find the reflective spaces where we celebrate Aboriginal culture. I challenge each of you to leave ECU knowing much more about Aboriginal history, meet some international students, and play your part in building a more inclusive society.

Take advantage of every opportunity this experience brings and all the best.  Remember we are here to help.


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