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Navigating the hidden job market

Thursday, 18 June 2020


Career Focus: This month at ECU we're having a focus the skills and knowledge needed to successfully launch your career.

The hidden job market is a phrase used to describe all the job roles that are available but not advertised. In Australia it’s believed that between 60 and 80 per cent of all available jobs are not advertised.

Many employers also advertise jobs in non-traditional ways. According to Jobvite’s 2019 Job Seeker Nation Survey 35% of job seekers found job advertisements through social media, 50% heard about positions through friends, and 37% learnt about opportunities through professional organisations.

Cracking the hidden job market in seven simple steps

We’ve gathered up seven easy steps from the ECU Careers team to help you find roles within the hidden job market:

  1. Get involved in professional associations and relevant industry groups as early as possible. Many of these associations offer special pricing for students. While a student membership may not give you access to all the groups resources, you’ll often have access to mentors from your field full of advice.
  2. Stay on top of business news coming from your industry. Subscribe to newsletters and academic journals to keep on top of the latest happenings.
  3. Search organisations online career pages. Even early on in your university career it is good to start identifying the job roles available and the skills and key words attached to these roles.
  4. Build relationships with recruitment agencies, such as RCSA, and take on temping roles to establish connections.
  5. Look for a mentor. This could be a tutor or lecturer you’ve connected with, a colleague further along their career path than you, or an employee from a work experience role.
  6. Use your social media to connect with potential employers. Identify companies that align with your career goals and research key personnel within these organisations that you can then follow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  7. Make the most of industry events for networking and learning opportunities. Many industries have annual conferences, but you’ll likely find other industry events, meetups and academic seminars on Eventbrite or through industry associations.

Creative job searching

With so many positions not advertised to job seekers it’s important to get creative with your job searching. Many job seekers are finding new ways to use social media to get noticed by employers or to share eye-catching content that showcases their skills.

The ECU Careers team can help you get creative with your personal job search – book an appointment with an ECU career adviser through CareerHub.

Learn more about the hidden job market

Join the ECU Careers team for their next online Hidden Job Market workshop to learn more about jobs that are not advertised and recommended strategies for tapping into the hidden market.

You can also view all upcoming Careers events on CareerHub.


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