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Tips to make studying from home more successful

Thursday, 26 March 2020


We know this can be a confusing and isolating time for many of you and we want to reassure you we are still here. While many of your lectures may be moving online the campuses remain open and our support services are still running.

Six tips to staying productive while studying from home

1. Create a dedicated workspace

While it might be tempting to study from the comfort of your bed, having a dedicated workspace is shown to increase focus and improvement.

A table or bench where you can set up your computer and books and a comfortable chair is a great start. Try to find space with good lighting, and bonus points for any natural light!

Lastly personalise the space for you with some items that spark joy.

2. Create a routine for yourself

Sticking to a consistent routine is the best way to stay productive when working from home and can also act as a reminder for other family members at home that you are still working.

Get up at the same time each morning and follow your usual morning routine. That means putting on clothes each day. Find an activity that gets you energised to start your day, like a few minutes of meditation or yoga, enjoying a few pages of a great book or listening to a short podcast, or taking time to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

3. Plan your day

Use your brand new ECU Daily Planner to keep yourself organised and identify your goals and tasks for the day as well as to keep a work life balance. Make the time to plan your day, schedule in breaks for yourself and keep yourself accountable for having healthy meal breaks and staying hydrated.

Start your day with the toughest task on your list – just think how good you’ll feel once it’s out of the way.

4. Make some time to move each day

Schedule a time in your day to get up and move, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Ergonomics professionals suggest getting up from your chair and stretching your legs every 20 minutes. Do a few quick stretches, take a walk around the block or get sweaty with a free online workout!

5. Find a small moment of joy in each day

Make some time for you each day and find activities that bring you some joy. That might be a phone call with your best friend, enjoying your favourite snack, spending some quality time with your furbabies, rediscovering an old hobby, doing some baking… get creative!

6. Stay connected

As we continue to practice social distancing it can be easy to feel isolated. Join the ECU community on our social channels and stay in touch via email to receive content from us. Download Microsoft Team or Zoom for free and set up times to catch up with your classmates and friends virtually.


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