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General requirements

  • Your assignments should be submitted by the due date specified in your MyECU (Blackboard) unit site
  • Final marks may be subject to scaling as laid down in the Assessment Policy
  • Always keep a backup copy of your assignment

Presentation of assignments

For written assignments and emailed attachments, please use the following presentation guidelines:

  • Word process your document in a standard word processing application such as Microsoft Word or other appropriate software
  • Use A4 page setup for emailed attachments and leave a suitable margin, (e.g. 3-4cm)
  • Number each page
  • Follow ECU referencing guidelines, unless an alternative referencing system is directly negotiated and agreed with your School. The ECU Referencing Guide outlines correct standards and methods for referencing print and web-based material

For some useful tips to help you towards the preparation and achievement of effective and successful study, visit our Study Advice page.

Academic misconduct, plagiarism, cheating

The University regards acts of plagiarism very seriously and, depending on the severity of the offence, penalties will apply. These penalties range from a loss of marks to cancellation of enrolment.

Plagiarism includes the use of other students’ work, irrespective of whether you have their permission. It also includes the misuse of material from computer programs and audiovisual or electronic sources.

The ECU Referencing Guide outlines correct standards and methods for referencing print and web-based material.

Academic Misconduct Policy

Assignment submission dates

Check your unit information on MyECU (Blackboard) to find out what assignments and activities you have to complete and when you need to be submit them by.

Extensions to assignment submission dates

If you require an extension of time to complete an assignment you must:

  • Apply in writing to your tutor (for each assignment)
  • Ensure you apply before the assignment due date.
  • Attach documentary evidence (e.g. medical certificate) to support your request.

You will be notified of the outcome by your tutor.

Normal occupational commitments and extracurricular activities are not accepted as grounds for granting extra time because you are expected to plan ahead. Extensions cannot be granted beyond the end of semester.

Long extensions of time raise the problem of fairness if other students in the unit have had their assignments returned.

If you submit an assignment after the due date without an agreed extension, or beyond the date of an agreed extension, you will usually incur a penalty. In accordance with the University’s regulations, the penalty is 5% (of the maximum mark available) for each calendar day that your assignment is late, up to 7 calendar days.

If your assignment is submitted more than one week (7 calendar days) late, you will be awarded a mark of zero by your tutor.

Submission of assignments

  • Assignments must be submitted directly to your tutor or lecturer. In most cases you will be required to submit assignments through your Blackboard unit site. Please follow the instructions provided in your Blackboard unit site or contact your tutor or lecturer for specific instructions
  • If you cannot deliver your assignments electronically, please contact your tutor to negotiate alternate delivery methods
  • If you have been instructed to submit a hardcopy of your assignment, please post it directly to the lecturer. If a postal address for the lecturer is not given in your MyECU (Blackboard) unit site, please ask the lecturer for their university postal address
  • Always keep a backup copy of your assignment

Cover sheets

To access the Assignment Cover Sheet, go to the Online Forms page.

On campus units

Unless you are directed otherwise by your tutor/lecturer, your assignments should be submitted in hard copy form - not electronically. Each assignment you submit must include a cover sheet. You should download the coversheet (as read-only) in MS Word (or equivalent), fill in the fields, print it off and attach to your assignment.

Off-campus units

Assignments may need an electronic version of the cover sheet. You should open the cover sheet (as read-only) in MS Word (or equivalent), fill in the fields, save it under a different file name, complete all details and submit it with your assignment.

Assignment queries

If you have a query about the receipt, content, marking of assignments and extensions to submission dates you should contact your tutor/lecturer.

Contact details for your tutor will be in your MyECU (Blackboard) unit site under the Unit Contacts/Staff Information link.

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