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Learning Portfolio PebblePad

Learn more about the Terminology used in PebblePad.


An asset is a file you upload or a “Creative” item you develop in Pebble+.

When you save an item in PebblePad, such as a Portfolio or filled out Workbook, they become Assets in your Asset Store. Assets contain personal content that can be used to showcase as a record of learning.

IntroductionWhat is an Asset? (video)

Templates and Workbooks

Templates and workbooks are designed to provide a structure for your learning or reflections. They include fillable areas with prompts and spaces for you to add your thoughts, responses and evidence.


A template is just single page 'empty' form, when completed and saved becomes an asset in your PebblePad store. Some templates can be completed many times (resulting in many assets) whilst others are single-use only.


At their simplest, workbooks are simply binders for multiple templates. However, workbooks can also be created as interactive multi-page learning packages that can contain course content, media and links to other resources. They become personalised as you add your responses, thoughts and reflections.

IntroductionWhat is a Resource? (video)

Student tip sheets

Creating assets (Portfolios, templates and workbooks)

Assessment and feedback

Alumni account

Convert your ECU Pebble Account into a Free Alumni Account

Before you complete your course you should convert your Pebble account to a personal account, as this will provide free access to PebblePad after you've left ECU.

This is a very simple process that is best done just before leaving ECU - don't leave it until after or you will be locked out of ECU's systems and will need to contact IT on 6304 6000.

Steps to follow to convert your Pebble account:

  1. Log in to your ECU Pebble account or click here -->
  2. Select the Tools and Resources menu in the top left corner, then click "Additional settings" > "Free Alumni Accounts"
  3. Follow the instructions that appear on screen
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