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Panopto Video Assignments

During your degree, you may be required to submit a video assignment using Panopto. This learning technology allows you to record and edit your assessment in one place and is integrated with Blackboard so you can submit your final assessment seamlessly.

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Blackboard Assignment

Sometimes your lecturer will set up assignments in Blackboard and depending on your units, the way they do this may differ. Find more information about how to submit an assignment and where to look to find the details of your assignment.

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Turnitin Assignment

Turnitin is a text matching system that compares text in your assignment, in particular essays and reports, against a database of sources, including journals, websites, and other students’ submissions.  The lecturer will provide you with information if the assignment is a Turnitin assignment and instructions on how to submit it.

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Your lecturer may decide to create assessment using Cadmus, an online assessment platform where you can complete your written assessment.

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Qwickly Attendance

For some units you may have your attendance recorded using Qwickly. Qwickly gives a record of your attendance throughout the semester and depending on the unit, you may be required to self check-in.

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Online Tests

Tests will be part of assignments set up by the lecturers to test your abilities.  Your lecturer will provide you with information where to find the test, how long it is available for and instructions on how to proceed.

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View My Grades

In "My grades" you will be able to view assessment scores given by your lecturers for the units you are enrolled in.  Grade status icon will appear if your assessment hasn't been graded.

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