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Appeals deadline

Appeals against results and academic progression status outcomes released on SIMO by Monday, 17 December for Semester 2, 2018 and associated teaching periods must be submitted no later than:

Close of business Tuesday, 29 January 2019

For results/academic progression status outcomes that are released on SIMO from Tuesday, 18 December (delayed due to deferred exams etc.):

  • You are advised to check your SIMO regularly for result updates and your student email for Academic Progression Status information if applicable (i.e. Probation, At Risk, Exclusion).
  • If you intend to appeal against a result(s) you must do so within 20 business days after the date the result is published on SIMO. The Student Hub will check your actual result date for you.
  • If your Academic Progression Status has changed to 'Excluded' you will be sent an email and a letter confirming this outcome. The correspondence will include the last date to appeal.
  • If you decide to appeal against your Academic Progression Status, the email and letter referred to in the previous point will include your revised deadline date for appeal submission (20 business days from the date the result is published on SIMO.
  • You must present your email or letter at the Student Hub when you are submitting your Academic Progression Status appeal.
  • Student Hub staff will check your email/letter to ensure the appeal is being submitted by the date specified within.
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