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External scholarships

We appreciate that the demand for scholarships is high and very competitive so throughout the year we will endeavour to provide information to you here about scholarships and awards offered by foundations and agencies outside ECU.

You should direct any query regarding the application process of these scholarships to the provider. Alternatively, you can find a comprehensive list of externally provided scholarships at myfuture - Australia's career information & exploration service. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students may like to visit The Aspiration Initiative, a new website providing information on scholarships available for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Scholarship Opens Closes
ACAS/Coca Cola Agricultural Scholarships
Target group: Agriculture Topics/Courses
01-Aug-2015  30-Jun-2016 
Aqua Vista Glass Physical Education Teaching Scholarship
Target group: School of Education Students
16-Apr-2015  15-Sep-2015 
Arro Home Design Scholarship
Target group: Design Students
18-Jun-2015  01-Nov-2015 
Australian College of Nursing - Grants and Awards
Target group: Nursing Students
01-Mar-2016  31-Jul-2016 
Australian Defence Force University Sponsorship
Target group: 2nd Year Students
12-Nov-2014  30-Nov-2015 
Australian Disability and Indigenous Peoples Education Fund
Target group: Students with Disability and/or Indigenous
01-Apr-2015  30-Sep-2015 
Australian Oil & Gas Engineering Scholarships and Vacation Work Experience Opportunities
Target group: Engineering Students
16-Jul-2015  21-Aug-2015 
Australian Veterans' Children Assistance Trust (AVCAT)
Target group: Children or Grandchildren of Australian Veterans
18-Aug-2015  31-Oct-2015 
Charlie Bell Scholarship for Future Leaders 2015
Target group: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students
01-Jul-2015  31-Oct-2015 
Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships
Target group: Australian Government Scholarships for International & Australian Students
01-Apr-2015  30-Jun-2015 
Eveline Rosina Henty Scholarship
Target group: Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
01-Mar-2016  30-Apr-2016 
Fulbright Scholarships
Target group: Postgraduate Students
01-May-2015  31-Aug-2015 
Gravity Discovery Centre Tertiary Scholarship
Target group: Students interested in communicating Science to others
16-Apr-2015  16-Oct-2015 Online Travel & Tourism Scholarship
Target group: Travel and Writing Students
15-Jun-2015  30-Sep-2015 
John D'Orazio Memorial Scholarship
Target group: City of Bayswater Residents
01-Dec-2015  31-Jan-2016 
King & Amy O'Malley Trust Scholarships
Target group: Home Economics Students
25-May-2015  31-Jul-2015 
Lionel Murphy Postgraduate Scholarships
Target group: Future Postgraduate Students
01-Jul-2015  30-Nov-2015 
Mary MacKillop Foundation - Indigenous Tertiary Scholarships Program
Target group: Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Students
01-Dec-2015  31-Jan-2016 
NAHSSS Undergraduate (Entry Level) Scholarship
Target group: Allied Health Rural Students
01-Sep-2015  30-Nov-2015 
NCEDA Honours Scholarship
Target group: Honours Students
01-May-2015  30-Jun-2015 
NCEDA PhD Supplementary Scholarship
Target group: Higher Degree Research (PhD) Students
01-May-2015  30-Jun-2015 
New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program - 2016 Round
Target group: Undergraduate Students Studying Abroad
13-Apr-2015  26-Jun-2015 
Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships in WA
Target group: Nursing & Midwifery Students
01-Nov-2015  31-Mar-2016 
Optimising Online Marketing Scholarship
Target group: Business, IT or Marketing Students
10-Apr-2015  31-Oct-2015 
Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship
Target group: Indigenous Students
01-Jul-2015  30-Sep-2015 
Relocation Scholarship
Target group: Students in receipt of Centrelink Payments
01-Dec-2014  01-Dec-2015 
Rhodes Scholarships Australia
Target group: Australian Citizens
01-Jun-2015  01-Sep-2015 
ROI Digital Marketing Scholarship
Target group: Marketing, Business & IT Students
01-Jul-2014  15-Oct-2015 
SARRAH Postgraduate Scholarship
Target group: Postgraduate, Allied Health
01-Sep-2015  31-Oct-2015 
Student Start-Up Scholarship
Target group: Students in receipt of Centrelink Payments
01-Jan-2015  01-Dec-2015 
The Australian Building Codes Board Student Research Scholarship Program
Target group: Engineering Students
01-Apr-2015  01-Dec-2015 
The Trust Company Foundation
Target group: WAAPA Students
01-Oct-2014  30-Sep-2015 
Westpac Social Change Fellowship
Target group: Talented and Inspirational Australians
01-Jun-2015  16-Aug-2015 
Young Carer Bursary Programme 2016
Target group: Students who are Carers
18-Aug-2015  28-Sep-2015 
Zonta Club of Peel Education Award
Target group: Female Resident of Peel Students
01-Sep-2015  01-Feb-2016 
Zonta Club of Perth Inc - Education Award
Target group: Undergraduate Female Students
01-Feb-2016  01-May-2016 


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